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About Focal Analysis

Who We Are....

Focal Analysis opened for business in 2018 with the mission of providing high-quality close-range photogrammetry and pedestrian involved crash services to the accident reconstruction and legal communities.

Rather than offering numerous consulting services, we focus on pedestrian or bicycle involved cases and also we specialize in cases where close-range photogrammetry will provide solutions to your problems, such as:
  •  When you need to obtain a crush or vehicle profile from photographs after a vehicle has been repaired, crushed, or otherwise no longer available
  •  In cases where a key piece of evidence such as a hat being worn by a pedestrian, or even the location of a body, is moved prior to being documented but the original location is captured on body-worn camera video
  • ​Need to handle a case where the only evidence is photographs of the crash scene and the incident must be reconstructed from photographs only
  • ​When you have a video of the crash or incident as it takes place and need to diagram areas such as the position or a person, vehicle, evidence, or witness from the video.  

About Bobby J. Mullinax

Bobby J. Mullinax began his law enforcement career in 2007 with the Spartanburg (S.C.) Police Department.  Starting his career like most officers he was assigned to the uniform patrol division and quickly excelled in both traffic enforcement and criminal patrol.

While assigned to the patrol division he made numerous arrests of violent felons including individuals wanted for kidnapping, home invasions, armed robberies, and weapon and drug violations.  Most of these apprehensions were the direct result of traffic stops.

Due to his abilities in traffic enforcement and collision investigation he was transferred to the department's traffic division where he was twice awarded the MADD DUI Hero award for his efforts in impaired driving enforcement.   

While in the traffic division he received advanced training in collision investigation and reconstruction and became a lead investigator on the department's reconstruction unit, reconstructing numerous fatal and great bodily injury crashes, as well as assisting in the forensic mapping of homicide and other felonious crimes.

In 2016, he left Spartanburg Police Department becoming a full-time collision reconstruction instructor where he has since logged over 3,000 instructional hours and created nearly 600 hours worth of reconstruction training curricula.  He has also spoken at numerous conferences around United States and has been published in the Accident Reconstruction Journal, Collision Magazine, and on the PhotoModeler website blog.

In 2018 he was named a "PhotoModeler Ambassador" which is a distinction only held by eight individuals in the world.

Bobby J. Mullinax with Spartanburg Police Department investigating a pedestrian involved traffic collision- 2015

Available Services


Speaking Engagements

Planning an Event?

Speaking engagements are probably indirectly responsible for the creation of Focal Analysis.  

After having the opportunity to present during the poster session at WREX 2016, Bobby J. Mullinax continued to refine his photogrammetry skill set, which led to more invitations to present at conferences, which ultimately led to the opportunity to begin consulting work in 2018 and forming Focal Analysis. 

We offer a variety of topics including reconstruction from body-worn camera videos, velocity analysis from video, and general photogrammetry topics which can be conducted in-person or virtually.

Some of the events Bobby J. Mullinax has appeared at include: 
  •  IPTM's Traffic Safety Symposium
  • ​ARC-CSI Conference
  • ​Tennessee Traffic Crash Investigation and Safety Symposium
  •  ACSR Conference
  • Pennsylvania State Police Reconstruction Seminar
  • WREX 2016 Poster Night 

Case Examples

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